Theater Etiquette

We look forward to hosting you and your students! Recognizing that this may be the first trip to a theater for some, below we’ve outlined some talking points on theatre etiquette that we hope may be useful to share with students prior to their matinee field trip. We appreciate your cooperation!

Before you arrive

  • Dress the part! Going to the theater is an exciting and special experience. Long pants, skirts and dresses are encouraged. It is also important to remember a sweater in case it is cold.
  • Open your mind! There is always something to learn from the theater.

Once you arrive

  • Say ”thank you” and “excuse me” to the ushers and Sandler Center staff members.
  • Turn off your phone or other electronics; they could distract other audience members.
  • Listen to your teachers and Sandler Center staff as you unload your bus and enter the building and performance hall.
  • No outside food or drink is permitted in the theater.

During the show

  • Please give the performance your full attention! No talking or whispering to your neighbor during the show.
  • No pictures are permitted during the show.
  • Please keep your hands and feet to yourself. Please keep your feet on the floor and off the chairs as well.
  • Please remain seated during the show, unless told otherwise. Tell a teacher or chaperone if you need to use the restroom.
  • Please try not to sing along, unless instructed to do so.
  • Safety is important. Do not stand near or look over balconies.
  • Most importantly, you represent your school and teacher. Behave in a way that will make them proud!

After the show

  • Show your appreciation for the performers by clapping.
  • Share and discuss your favorite part of the show with friends, family and teachers!
  • Thank your teachers and chaperones for a great day at the Sandler Center!